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The collection autumn/winter 07/08 gives the philosophy, traditions and the place of the brand “MARKAM” in the global world of fashion
The major accents are elegance, sports elements, freedom, comfort and style. The widely composed collection for the modern, active and assertive woman, insisting on good taste.
Four major lines outline this harmonic and homogenous collection:

The most business part is not deprived of beautiful provocations and contrasts – from gloss to mat, from black, grey and white to elegant and complex colours. The silhouette is clear, classical but with lots of fashion accents – low-cut necks, wonderful blouses and jackets with sharpened lapel lines, classical and loose trousers with tucks, interesting skirts. The materials here are carefully chosen with a lot of imagination and possibility for different combinations.

Explosion of vitality and free spirit – fashion for the free time with a lot of sports details. Jackets, trousers, skirts, dresses, long topcoats and blouses form textile and knitted fabric, natural materials combined with hi-tech mixes. The colours are deep and exciting – dark purple, brick, ochre, brown, bottle green and mystique blue. Plain, prints, stripes on cotton, velvet, chiffon, knitted fabric and quality wool are the basis of this group.

Concentrated on the newest tendencies for the season. The surprises are everywhere – in the colour combinations, materials, leather and metal accessories, the contrast between smooth and rough surfaces, satin and embossed structures. The new classical and minimalistic style are dominant. plain and chequered suits combined with blouses from fine satin, and silk, dresses from knitted fabrics in pure lines and colours, wide belts of leather, fantasy elements in every detail. No one can be indifferent to the variety and the possibility to create new and new combinations in the focus of the brand.

Inspired from usually incompatible styles – from Gothic and classical to pop, rock and punk the exclusive ensembles of “MARKAM” create a real feeling of class. The quality is everywhere – in the materials, the immaculate line, perfect cut and manufacture. Jacquard, taffeta, satin, chiffon, lace, metal threads and different structural effects create an amazing kaleidoscope of colours and forms. Precise measure and chick - that is remarkable.


Fairs, on which fashion house "Markam" will present its collection autumn/winter 2007/2008

1. "Showroom" - Amsterdam, The Netherlands 28-29 .01.2007
2. "CPD" - Duseldorff , German 04-06.02.2007
3. "CIFF" - Copenhagen, Denmark 08-11.02.2007
4. STYL I 2007 Brno , Chehia (13-15.02.2007), pavilion V, shtand 168
5. "CPM" - Moskow , Russia 28.02-02.03.2007

Video from the fashion show of collection Autumn/Winter 2007/2008

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